Single Piece Spring Bow Centralizers SOT-009

Single Piece Spring Bow Centralizers are available in 4 1/2" to 20" sizes. Special sizes are also made available according to the requirements of the clien

Specially designed to eliminate the risk of loose part or welding failure Sawan�s Single Piece Spring Bow Centralizer is manufactured from a single piece of heat-treated steel giving a hardened and tempered surface that helps in reducing torque and drag losses. They are designed to perform satisfactorily in open holes as well as cased holes and are used to position the casing in the centre of the wellbore in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

These centralizers offer high fatigue strength for axial forces and radial side loads on bows during tubular rotation which helps in reducing the effect of channeling by improving the cement flow and results in more uniform cement thickness in the well bore.

These centralizer can be installed with 2 stop rings, 1 internal stop ring or casing couplings. The blades, top and bottoms rings are made of one piece to ensure the centralizer s integrity during rig operations. The centralizers are also provided with Iron Phosphate and powder coating to prevent it from rust. They are shipped in assembled condition only.