Slip On Welded Positive Centralizers SOT-008

Slip-On Welded Positive Centralizers are available in 4 1/2" to 20" sizes. Special sizes are also made available according to the requirements of the client.

Sawan's Slip on Welded Positive Centralizers are high quality welded products designed to meet as well as surpass API 10D and API Q1 specifications. The operational and general design features of this type of centralizers are similar to that of Welded Positive Centralizers. These centralizers have flat U Bows strongly welded onto the outside of slip-on end collar under required temperature and condition with correct grade electrode.

This unique flat bottom U profile helps in permitting maximum fluid passage. They are also available in straight bows for casing operations and also provide almost 100% stand-off (concentricity) when run inside a case hole.

These centralizer are manufactured With Solid End rings that can be easily slipped on the casing Outer Diameter during Installation.The centralizers are also provided with Iron Phosphate and powder coating to prevent it from rust. They are shipped in assembled condition only.