Hinged Non Weld Semi Rigid Bow Centralizers SOT-004

Hinged Non Weld Semi Rigid Bow Centralizers are available in 4 1/2" to 20" sizes. Special sizes are also made available according to the requirements of the client.

This Sawan product has been uniquely designed to combine the desirable features of a standard spring bow and rigid centralizers and provide a far exceeding performance compared to the standards set by API 10D and API Q1 specifications. The purpose of this product is to ensure high efficiency on casing jobs on deviated and horizontal wells.

The bows are manufactured from alloy steel tempered for exact hardness and a non-weld design to eliminate brittle spots. The spring characteristics of its double crested profile permit compression to facilitate movement through tight spots and dog legs. This centralizer exhibits higher stand-off because of its high restoring force due to the spring action. The centralizers are also provided with Iron Phosphate and powder coating to prevent it from rust.