Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizers SOT-021

Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizers are available in 2 7/8" to 13 3/8" sizes. Special sizes are also made available according to the requirements of the client.

Built with the purpose to provide optimum flow and meet the need for better cementing in high deviated and horizontal wells, Sawan�s Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizers has the capability to withstand high well bore temperature while giving maximum horizontal stand-off. These Centralizers are cast of high grade aluminum alloy in one piece from self-manufactured Gravity Die. The spiral vanes or blades are designed in a way that they overlap the entire 3600open-hole circumference and help in reducing the flow area between the spirals which creates a vortex motion which in turn increases fluid velocity with direction and provide a shock resistance against fluid swirl.

The Gravity Die for these centralizers is manufactured with the help of Vertical Machining Centre (VMC) and the machining of this product is performed on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine which provides an optimum product with least errors. Solid Rigid Centralizers help in increasing the induced swirl which in turn increases the displacement efficiency. Even without rotation, the relived angle blades induce turbulence flow for improved cutting and filter cake removal. They posses high tensile and yield strength and are corrosion resistant as well..

They are available in both left and right sided spiral blades. The angle for these blades is given according to the customer requirements. The centralizers are also provided with powder coating to prevent it from rust.