Hinged Welded Spring Bow Centralizers SOT-002

Welded Spring Bow Centralizers are available in 4 1/2" to 20" sizes. Special sizes are also made available according to the requirements of the client.

Built with the basic principle of combining highest restoring force along with the lowest starting force Sawan's Hinged Welded Spring Bow Centralizers are high quality welded products with the capability to meet as well as exceed API 10D and Q1 specifications. These Centralizers have spring Bow strongly welded to the end collar under required temperature and condition with extra low hydrogen coated Electrodes which helps in providing more restoring force as compared to non welded hinged bow centralizers. The company's ability to produce premium quality bows made from special alloy steel and manufactured in totally controlled heat treatment plant gives a uniform hardness and good spring action to the component which in turn results in optimum performance.

The integral hinges provided on the inside have the capability to withstand extreme stress conditions and the latch-on design of the centralizers provides maximum robustness to the structure. The centralizers are also provided with Iron Phosphate and powder coating to prevent it from rust..

These centralizers are easy to work with as they are designed and manufactured in two halves which can be conveniently assembled on the site and locked by inserting pin on the end collar. This feature also helps in convenient, economic and compact packaging of the product, thus reducing the overall shipping and storage cost.